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Founded on a tradition of health care excellence, Alaris Health at Riverton brings a unique combination of the highest quality of health care services and technological innovation.  Our experienced, dedicated and compassionate facility staff ensures that the needs of each and every resident are satisfied, with each resident treated as a member of the Alaris family.

Our well appointed facility, located in Rahway, New Jersey, offers a warm, supportive and uplifting environment for post-hospitalization short-term rehabilitation patients and long-term residents alike.

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Alaris Health at Riverton is truly a place for healing, hope and renewal, as reflected by our broad range of services and programs.

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Alaris Health at Riverton is an independently owned and operated entity that is licensed to use the Alaris Health name as well as to receive non-health care related services. All health care related services provided by Alaris Health at Riverton are provided solely by Alaris Health at Riverton.


1777 Lawrence St.
Rahway, NJ 07065

Phone: (732) 499-7927
Fax: (732) 396-1298
Israel Kanarek, Administrator

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Posted By: Walter Barisonek, June 22, 2018

My brother John was a patient and received very good care at your facility. I particularly wish to acknowledge the excellent support and work of Steve, Head of Social Services. He was very supportive, very knowledgeable and was a great help to us regarding my brother’s discharge.

Posted By: Thomas Rocco, June 20, 2018

The breakfast on 6/21/18 was excellent. The food was great. The staff was warm and friendly. Thank you for a positive experience. I am looking forward to the next affair. It was well planned and performed very well.
Thomas Rocco,
Rahway Senior Housing

Posted By: Carlos Perez-Villafana, June 20, 2018

I want to thank everyone at Riverton for helping me get back on my feet. The nurses and aides were very caring. The rehab staff was wonderful and encouraging. Activities staff came to my room to help keep my spirits up. I am very happy I chose Riverton for my recovery and highly recommend this facility. Thank you to RBMC Hospital for sending me to Alaris at Riverton.

Posted By: Joanne Petkov, May 12, 2018

To Administration: All your employees in all the departments do a wonderful job in caring or the residents, but I want to emphasize what a beautiful Mother's Day that was prepared by Dietary and Recreation for us. From the pretty placemats, pink napkins, doily, long-stem carnation, and fun entertainment with a delicious cake for Mom’s Day and balloons and more carnations.
I am short stay and when I get home, I will tell everyone what a great place Alaris Health at Riverton is for rehab or long term.
Thank you for making my stay both beneficial and pleasant!

Posted By: Curtis Williams, January 15, 2018

I have been here a few years and feel like I am at home. Everyone is great and treats you like family. I thank everyone for making me feel at home!

Posted By: W. Strickland, November 29, 2017

I received great care; staff was wonderful. Rehab program was the best.

Posted By: Regina Reiner, November 27, 2017

There’s very few that I can complain about. Sometimes the soup is too thick not not hot enough. I like vegetable, chicken noodle (my favorite), and pea soup and I like mashed potatoes.

Posted By: Dexter L. Strickland, November 15, 2017

Every time I enter the front door I am received by people who are courteouse and compassionat. The staff got to know me from visiting frequently and would make themselves available to assist me in caring for my mom. While some employees are obviously more attentive then others I am completely satisfied witht eh service and appreciate the administrator and supervisors attention to any need that as less then perfect. Thanks for everything.

Posted By: Thomas Rocco, Laura S., November 15, 2017

The Thanksgiven dinner was very good. A lot of work went into it. The staff tried very hard to place everybody. Very well organized and presented with care. I am looking forward to the next event.

Posted By: Miriam Andrews, November 15, 2017

The staff (Administrative, Food Services, Recreation, Musical guest) all did a great job. Pleasant staff.

Posted By: he Sheridan Family, November 15, 2017

You do an outstanding job on the food preparation. The deviled eggs, shrimp and salad are terrific. The main meal was tasty and a lot!! Nice to have wine too for elegant dining. The staff is all so pleasant and got everyone served together. The entertainment wonderful! Thank you!

Posted By: Jessica Jannucci, November 14, 2017

Rosa and Michelle were extremely accommodating and helpful. At first my grandmother was not here and we had to wait for about an hour for her and everyone made us feel welcome and comfortable. Thank you for everything especially having 2 small children it was very nice.

Posted By: James D. Cecil, August 7, 2017

Since being a patient here, I have sang songs in the therapy room. While singing songs, I and others have noticed the positive impact that the music has had on other patient/residents. From our observation of the patient/residents, I had made a statement that I believe that patient/residents could benefit a great deal from “music therapy” by someone singing directly to them. Thank you for your time. James D. Cecil

Posted By: Shirley Sheridan, May 9, 2016

We are very pleased with the care that Richard receives at Alaris Riverton. He is very content and well-cared fo. The staff or nurses is marvelous and they treat us like family. They are always pleasant and willing to help. The recreation department with Rosa and Robert and Kim are wonderful in planning activities and encourage Richard and our family to participate in all the events. I often tell my friends about the wonderful care at Alaris. The Breakfast Club activity is presented like a nice restaurant with delicious food. Thank you everyone for being so kind and gracious. It's great just coming to visit as you feel like home. Thank you so much!- Shirley Sheridan & Family

Posted By: Judy MacBride, May 4, 2016

My mother feels very safe and happy with her aide, Annia. When Annia takes her to the bathroom, she makes sure my mother's feet are in safe position so she can't slip and fall. She is also very sweet and kind to her which makes my mother happy and content. Thank you Annia!

Posted By: Terrill Rapp, May 4, 2016

Great! Overall, compared to other rehab therapy centers I've been to, this is the best by far! Every step that I take in rehab, they push me further to get better! They're here when you need them. I can absolutely count on them!

Posted By: Robert Dent, May 4, 2016

Alaris Health has done many things to make a person in my physical and mental situation comfortable. They are a caring, concerned staff to all residents. They get things done from the start that I request. The facility is extremely clean. They allow me to pursue my personal hobbies.

Posted By: Curtis W., April 29, 2016

I've been at Riverton for almost 10 years and I can say I'm having a great time! Everyone who I've been in touch with has been great with me! All the departments are extremely responsive to my needs and I have no complaints. Definitely 5-stars in my book!

Posted By: Ronald P., April 29, 2016

Rosa from Recreation is very outgoing and is a good communicator. I think she's one of the best in terms of listening to residents and being open to hear them out.

Posted By: Regina R., April 29, 2016

I am very comfortable being here at Alaris Health at Riverton. The staff are very nice. Also, the aides are very good. My family likes coming to the activities. Elegant Dining is great and so are the other social events.

Posted By: Adam B., January 15, 2015

Therapy was great they helped me get back on my feet.

Posted By: Veronica F., January 4, 2015

Facility was clear and staff was very friendly. They made my stay better then i expected.

Posted By: Ramona Wise & Family, January 15, 2013

To: The Staff of Alaris Health at Riverton

I want to thank you so much for taking such good care of my mother. My family and I are grateful for all the good you do. May God bless each staff member.

Merry Christmas and have a blessed New Year.

R.W. and family

Posted By: Linda Brenna & Family, January 15, 2013

Dear Alaris Health At Riverton Staff

Thank you all for being so kind and caring to my mom and to my family. I want to thank all the CNA's and nurses for providing such great care and for being there for my mom. I also want to thank Dolores, Robin, Adeline, Shakira, Glennrose Birdy, Robert and anyone I may have left out, you all were so good and all of you are special people. God bless you.

L.B. and family

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